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My roots are in live sound engineering, working at local houses of worship and small music venues.  In the last few years, I've found a new passion in post production audio.  

In my time at Minneapolis Media Institute, I learned the art of Studio Recording, as well as Mixing and Mastering.  After college, my interests have grown beyond the music production field.  Audio engineering is my passion; it occupies most of my brain space.  Every part of the process, from recording to final mix, gets me excited.   


Want to chat about an upcoming project or production?  Take a look at my contact info page and drop me a line. 

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Demo Reels

Below you can find some examples of my work in studio recording and post production.  Take a look for yourself and I'm sure you'll love what you see, or more importantly, hear.  



I promise to help you take your artistic vision and turn it into a professional product, ready for radio, film, television, or the internet.  Even if your just looking for a consultant on one of your current projects, I'll do my best to ensure that you have all the tools, knowledge and expertise to bring your art to life.    



About Me


I started working in audio in 2012 as an Audio Visual Technician at Colonial Church of Edina.  It quickly became one of my greatest passions, which led me to attend Minneapolis Media Institute to further my knowledge.  I'm now working as a freelancer, recording local bands, mixing live shows, and producing national market advertisements for radio, televison, and digital streaming services.