Post Production


Over the last few years, I have been lucky to work with a local advertising agency Marketing Architects as a freelance audio engineer.  I work with writers and voice over talent in the recording studio, and then edit, mix, and provide sound design services to make professional national market advertisements.  Examples of my work can be heard below.  



The Drift - A Starfinder Podcast

The Drift is a podcast about Paizo's upcoming tabletop RPG Starfinder.  My duties on this podcast consist of monitoring recordings, editing and mixing all audio, and producing all music featured in the podcast.  Give it a listen below!


Pavek Museum of Broadcasting

A friend of mine shot some amazing footage of the vast collection of vintage radio equipment housed at the Pavek Museum of Broadcasting in St. Louis Park, MN.  He also captured an informative and intriguing interview with one of the museums curators, who tells the story of how the collection came to be.   I took the footage and location audio, and compiled it into something I'm very proud of. Enjoy!



Film Director Rob Perez shot a series of short conversations between local comedians, chefs, actors, and musicians at 514 Studios in Minneapolis, MN.  The topics of discussion include the panelists favorite comfort foods and comedy films, as well as their deal-breakers in relationships.  I was responsible for assisting with the audio equipment and recording on the set.  One of those shorts can be found below.  Look for the rest at